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Well-being in the East

‘Well-being in the East’ was a £2.7million portfolio of projects funded by the Big Lottery Fund that promoted healthy eating, increased physical activity and mental well-being in the East of England, the North East and the Midlands.

The portfolio was managed by Enable East, working in partnership with more than 28 other organisations who delivered support, advice and innovative projects related to improving the well-being and resilience of people within their local communities.

Front pageThe ethos behind ‘Well-being in the East’ was about engaging people at a community level in identifying ‘achievable and sustainable’ changes to lifestyles: sharing the idea that even a small change can make a huge difference to how we feel was key to our success in engaging around 35,000 beneficiaries across the two years the portfolio was run.

We weren’t about completely overhauling diets or committing to vigorous exercise five times a week, we were about real, achievable goals that matched the lifestyle, personal preferences and aspirations of the people we were working with.

Enable East had the privilege and pleasure to manage this fantastic portfolio and we are incredibly proud of what all our projects have achieved and the difference we have made to thousands of people within our local communities. We hope that our portfolio has left a lasting legacy in the improvement of well-being and resilience of individuals and families up and down the country.

We have produced a special brochure celebrating all the wonderful work that made up our Well-being in the East portfolio - click here to read it.

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